New Year. New Changes.

Welcome to 2015! With a new year upon us, change is in the air—Wishtree has recently undergone quite the shift in dynamics. On New Years Eve, fellow Wishtree partner, Brytani, gave birth to beautiful little girl named Khloe. I, myself, will be welcoming our own little girl to the world this coming May. Excitement all around (Can we say “ Booyah!” to second generation Besties?)!

We’re also proud to announce that our team is changing and growing all the time. With Brytani embarking on her new journey as a mom, she has decided to step down from Wishtree and focus on her new family. That being said, Wishtree is still alive, thriving and moving forward with much to show in the upcoming year! We’d like to introduce you to our newest member, Angie, a fellow professional Graphic Designer and dear friend who brings to the table a unique style and passion for all things weddings and design. If you’ve met with us recently then you have no doubt met this lovely lady at our coffee shop sessions.

Last year was filled with many gorgeous invites and stationery. We’re anxious to show you all that we’ve done and hope to keep up with this blog better than before and keep you involved in the process. Until then, keep checking our Facebook page for any updates and know that we’re only an email away if you’d like to chat.

Don’t forget, if you’re hmm-ing and haw-ing about when to start your wedding invites, email us now to book in a spot ASAP! We’ll be going on a mini hiatus mid-year while I figure out how this whole mother-baby dynamic works out. 

Here’s to an incredible New Year and new adventures!

14 January 2015 Announcements Author: admin

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