When Ashley Lipton from The Blog Frog approached us to do a guest post on Wedding Trends, we were all for some insight into the world of weddings! Although we’re completely submerged in wedding season, often we only see finer details and not the whole picture. So it was refreshing to learn just what trends are really making a statement, what’s in and what’s out and what exactly is coming for us in 2019. Have a read and let us know your thoughts on next years wedding trends coming (or going!)


by Ashley Lipton | The Blog Frog

Wedding gowns are unlike any other garment. The styles of wedding gowns have evolved (some thankfully, others are coming back happily). When a great designer like Vera Wang makes a bold change, other designers take notice. When Vera Wang introduced the black gown a couple of years ago, it set the wedding industry on fire.

When a celebrity has a gown designed, all eyes are on her. Brides around the world will focus on her gown. Every detail will be inspected. The next few seasons will have her inspirations included.

Finally, we must consider the wedding designers in general. Most gowns for the season have their gowns ready to go out the door at least a year in advance. Adding details to make them fit a trend is easy to do, but time-consuming. While the current trends are in the white hues again, the bold colourful statements are still popping up. Typically through accessories (shoes, nail polish, Fascinators, etc)

Evolution of this trend

Some brides love the trendy look of a bit of colour to an already chic gown, but they prefer a bit of an understated colour. This bride may use deep gray, metal blue, or even a deep burgundy.

This is where stationers come in. With today’s styles ranging from golds and soft blushes across the spectrum to rich merlots and navy’s, we turn to fashion as a reference in what’s trending and what remains timeless.


Last year, many bridesmaids were asked to select a dress that they like in specific colours. This gave the wedding a much more casual and easy feeling. This is still happening today, but the current bridal couples are beginning to go back to matching bridesmaids dresses.

Often a bride will bring along her bridesmaid dress sample to help give other vendors an idea of their colour scheme. That accent colour will be shown throughout the wedding day but more often than not, it’s all based around those gorgeous BM dresses.

credit Miguel Á. Padriñán - PexelsFlowers

Bouquets are taking main stage lately. Big luscious greenery with any kind of flower you can dream of has made its way into this 20lb+ weight brides carry around all day. #worthit

Florals have also made their way into most stationery lately. It one way to add those gorgeous colours brides are trying to achieve throughout their whole day. 

This year gives way to full creative freedom. This is your wedding. Brides before you have paved the way. Do the same for the brides following you. You have taste and creativity, use it. And know that your vendors are equally as excited to play.